M0VE App An event ticketing platform that allows you to craft delightfully simple events and manage tickets globally at scale. Learn more about M0VE's features?

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Why M0VE!

Accept Payment
before Event

By providing your banks routing & account number simply & safely accept payment leading up to the event day. M0VE doesn't place any hold on funds, receive your event proceeds before the event date and from within 25 different countries.

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Easy To Customize

Simply customize your event & profile pages to match your Brand. Set yourself apart while creating & promoting your events!

Low Fees

Don't get annoyed by random over the head charges. M0VE requires a small 50 cents per transaction fee, no matter the transaction amount. Not including the standard payment platform fee + tax.

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To submit support tickets, any suggestions, inquire about anything payment related, or to contact M0VE Staff submit a support ticket by clicking the button above.

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