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Craft delightfully simple events for pretty much anything, while managing your ticketing experience with ease.

What is M0VE?

Create events and sell tickets for pretty much anything

No matter your business type, MOVE has you covered. Customize events to fit your needs; create a free registry, accept donations, or sell tickets globally.

Before MOVE: You were wondering how to get your ticket sales transferred to your account regularly. You struggled with managing your bookings, communicating with attendees, and building a community. Managing your event online felt complicated, annoying, and overall not enjoyable.

After MOVE: You often say to yourself. "It just works".

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No hold of funds

  • Sell events in over 25 different countries.
  • Receive your ticket sales leading up to your event.
  • Transfers sent every 3 business days.

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Easy To Customize

  • Custom backgrounds and brand colors.
  • Profile icons to include your entire web presence.
  • Enable a short bio and about us page

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Low Fees

  • No signup or account fee required.
  • No hidden fees or additional charges.
  • Platform fee at just 75 cents per transaction.

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3 Steps

How it works

Effective Management

Managing your events has never been simpler. In a step by step process, M0VE allows to style your event, provide in-depth event details and keywords, and create tickets while specifying price and currency. All within one process, your event is created and ready for public view within minutes.

Simple Dashboard

Within the Creator's Dash of M0VE, you are able to quickly view live updated metrics around all of your events with a simple click. View analytic data, updated event sales and stats, account balance before next transfer + more!

No page builder, no problem

Portray your unique brand while enjoying the convenience and simplicity of M0VE's auto-generated Event Pages. A visitor can navigate through event details while being able to share the event page via social media or through the event's auto-generated shortened Bit.ly link.




For help with payment, policy questions, or questions about navigating the platform. Email [email protected] or visit our help center via the button below. Guaranteed response within 24hrs.


M0VE has been up 99% of the time over the last 36 months. On rare occasions we must take M0VE offline for maintenance, or an unexpected problem might occur that would take it offline. We work to limit these interruptions. Our goal is 0% downtime.