M0VE App Assisting creators craft delightfully simple events M0VE allows you to create easily accessible events while managing your online ticketing experience with ease. Customize events to fit your needs; create a free registry, accept donations, or sell tickets globally. Learn more about M0VE's features

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Produce and manage your events, effortlessly and accurately.

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Why M0VE!

No hold of funds

  • Sell events in over 25 different countries
  • Receive your ticket sales leading up to your event
  • Transfers sent every 3 business days
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Easy To Customize

  • Custom backgrounds and brand colors
  • Add profile icons for your social media & website
  • Add a short bio and about page
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Low Fees

  • No signup or account fee required
  • No hidden fees or additional charges
  • M0VE charges a small 75 cents per transaction
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For help with payment issues, policy questions, and questions about navigating the platform, you should email [email protected] or visit our help center via the button above. Guaranteed response within 24hrs.

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