Craft delightfully simple events for pretty much anything

Easy, free, modern self-service platform to build just about any event.

A simple and more affordable alternative to products like Eventbrite.

Simple & effective

No matter your business type, Move has you covered. Building your event feels like creating a social media post.

  • Create a free registry or sell tickets globally
  • Promote and manage attendees
  • Check-in on event date (No equipment needed)

Lightweight & compliant

We lack the complex dashboards and page builder, we also don't spy on your data. No cookies and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR.

  • Intuitive dashboard for event management
  • Modern profile for event listing
  • Responsive on all devices

Why use Move?

A better way to manage your events

Most event ticketing sites are overkill. Move leaves the complexity. Easy to use, all digital, responsive, and yup — totally free.

Best alternative to products like Eventbrite, Splash, Ticket Web

Quick and easy to set up

Simple to set up and publish events in minutes. Lacking the complex page builder, Move generates an elegant landing page for your event enabling you to get up and going in minutes.

No hold of funds

We don't touch your proceeds. Transfers are routed daily, receive your sales leading up to your event date no matter the location.
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Build and publish up to 3 events, while using all of Move's core features – for free!


Your events and profile look great on every screen size right out of the box, from phones to tablets to desktops.

No hidden fees

We have the lowest transaction fees available. With a platform fee of just 75¢, we keep the money with our customers.
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Simple tracking and management

View analytic data on your profile and events while managing your attendees. Send announcements, resend tickets, and edit attendee information with ease.

Thoughtfully packaged with all of your event's needs

It’s never been easier to start and manage your events. Our all in one platform provides you with all the tools you’ll need:

  • Fast and Simple Event Ticketing
  • Out of the Box Tracking and Monitoring
  • Onsite Attendee Check-in (No equipment needed)
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Simple, Transparent Pricing

Save big with Move. See how our all-in-one, fixed price compares.

Enabling your account to receive payment is pretty straightforward. Move is supported by Stripe, a global payment processor that allows you to sell tickets in over 25+ countries. Simply connect your bank account or debit card through Move, and begin selling event tickets today!

When selling tickets Move collects two fees. The first being our platform fee which is 75¢ per transaction, no matter the ticket price. The second is the banking and transaction fee charged by our payment processor Stripe. The credit card processing fee is charged at 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction. Account owners can choose to absorb or pass fees.

Publish unlimited events by subscribing to Move pro!

Move Pro


/ year

Ideal for pro event creators or large-size orgs

  • Account support
  • Onboarding support
  • Integration support
  • Unlimited events
  • Password-protected events
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